Architectural design Consulting

Thinking of a new home, an addition or renovation and unsure where to start? Janssen Design will sit down with you and discuss the different options for you to consider. This service can begin at selecting a property and extend all the way to the final selections of finishes.

Do you have a property in mind but are unsure if you should purchase it? Contact the Janssen Design Team to find out which questions to ask and which conditions to insert into your purchase agreement, for your protection. Maybe you know what you need for rooms, spaces and finishes but you’re not sure how all these could fit together? Give us a call or send us an email. With over 35 years of combined design experience, we can help you out and design a project that can enhance your life.

Maybe you’re confident with all the space requirements for your family and are happy with the concept Janssen Design has provided for you but are not comfortable choosing the details and finishes. Allow us to consult with you on the interior and exterior finishes of your project.

Janssen Design is here to create a worry free journey for you by working with you every step of the way.

Concept Design

The first step in the process of building a new home, addition or renovation is to come up with a design. Janssen Design will meet with you and discuss your needs and wishes for your new space. After the initial, visit Janssen Design can take all those ideas and draft a concept plan for your review. We will work with you to tweak the concept design until you are happy with the end result and it is exactly what you are looking for.

Once our clients are satisfied with the concept design, the drawings can then be completed with the necessary notes; at this point, it is ready to be submitted to a building department. Janssen Design will contact the building departments on your behalf to ensure all requirements have been met prior to submission. Our drawing package is complete with all the necessary drawings and supporting documents required. We can take care of the entire design project; this includes obtaining any required engineering needed for permits. Janssen Design can also submit the drawings to the building department on your behalf to ensure a smooth process.

Construction Design

3D Design

Many of us are visual thinkers and have difficulties visualizing the finished product from 2D drawings. We are also able to offer 3D exterior images to our clients. This 3D image allows you to visualize your finished project. We are able to take this a few steps further and offer 3D interior images as well as 3D walk-throughs of the project. Janssen Design keep up to date with the latest technology in order to offer the best product possible.

We can manage and track the entire project from the start of design to completion of the build. It is our goal to ensure the entire project runs smoothly. We will plan and coordinate all aspects of the project. Janssen Design will advise you when selections on finishes need to be made and will help source the best options. We will work with you and the contractor to keep your project on time and on budget.

We offer construction management along with our other services or as a standalone service for your next project.




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