Our Team

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Paul Janssen


Paul completed 5 years of post-secondary education along with some extra courses and obtained two Architectural Degrees and the Architectural Technologist accreditation. His extensive construction knowledge allows us to design spaces with the build process in mind, paying attention to how services will work and how the structure will tie together.

Natasha Jonker


Natasha completed the Architectural Technician program at Sheridan college in the spring of 2016. Her passion about design is evident in the projects she has worked on. Her knowledge of the 3D design software has been a large benefit to the company.

Dream. Plan. Build.


Over 30 Years Of Design

Janssen Design began over 30 years ago by founder Paul Janssen. Our passion has always been to create unique designs for our clients. Our design process is one of working together with the client to create spaces that work for there needs. We let them tell us what they are looking for and will construct a plan from those ideas. Our mission is to create a smooth journey for all parties involved.

Modern Design Techniques

A large part of the population today struggles with visualizing 2D drawings. At Janssen Design we have the software to take our 2D drawings and create a 3D rendering that depicts what the final product might look like. This 3D ability applies to interior and exterior images. Let us help you visualize how your project will turn out.